What Wikipedia has done for encyclopedic knowledge,
NeuralCat does it for Artificial Intelligence.

Today, AI scientists build conversational bots that rely on handmade data. It requires huge data building efforts.

NeuralCat is a B2B SaaS platform.
We do not rely on data anymore, we rely on conversation.

Our technology: Curious bots

A curious bot asks questions when it does not understand and learns from your answers. Each curious bot is part of a global network and gets feedback from all the others AIs.

We release a customer support solution
based on our technology.

  • Replace its corporate agent until it gets lost in the conversation.
  • Let the corporate agent take over the conversation and learn from it
  • Submit suggestions to its corporate agent in order to help better in the future
  • Benefit from knowledge redistribution between all the existing curious bots
Each corporate agent of your service can be augmented by his own curious bot inside his everyday workspace.


  • Zendesk
  • Zendesk Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Salesforce